A Dream Before Christmas

"Même les bonhommes de neige fondent un jour"

Human Disaster
Euf, Gati or Santa
French living in Belgium
Rather short
Liking Arashi a lot
Rikke (She's a person. I really like her.)
The Office, Parks & Rec, Community, Arrested Development;
Band of Brothers/The Pacific
Geek/Nerd, have it your way
First year of med school
Speaking French, English. Don't want to speak Spanish in public, but I can do that, too. Fairly good at Japanese.
Corrects people all the time (especially about scientific stuff)
In love with Winter and Christmas
(Real goal in life: becoming Santa.)
Cannot wake up on my own in the mornings.
Usually seen wearing impossibly colourful clothes & shoes. Not always matching.

I also really love rainbows.